Heroes of a New World

Episode 1, Part 2

A New Day Dawns


The characters manage to congregate in the concourse, where hundreds of other guests have come for refuge. Cazimir has Bai heal everyone she can, while the others handle minor emergencies as the incredible powers of the other guests go mad. The station is falling apart, and the ship computer seems to be sentient and afraid. Suji is on the secondary bridge trying to hold things together, but most of the resort side of the station is exposed to space. The characters lead the other guests to the energy junction hall that might just offer them a safe path to the last remaining life boat. While Adam tries to repair what he can in the long passageway, the others go to check on Suji. On the way they search for other survivors and find Freddy Koss in the brig and release him. His bad attitude is ever present.

Suji tells them there is 2 hours max before the station comes apart – less if she isn’t overseeing the reactor from the command center. They head back to get everyone across to the resort section, and Norman uses his super speed to grab Suji as quickly as possible. The gravity goes out, and the computer implores the characters not to leave it behind. Adam, Maggie, and Norman work on that while Freddy runs off to rob the expensive stores abandoned in the higher levels.

Finally, everyone boards the hanger life boat and they decouple. The thrusters fire, pushing them into the atmosphere. One guest panics and he turns into a cloud of spiders that covers everything, horrifying all! Then a warning begins to flash aboard. The life boat is coming down on top of Chicago. With the help of Maggie’s teleportation, Adam goes outside the life boat and punches it on a new course, so it will land safely in Lake Michigan.

The life boat touches down safely and the Coast Guard arrives to save them. However, it quickly becomes apparent that something STRANGE has happened. The captain of the ship calls in a biological emergency, and a quarantine is prepared on a massive tanker docked near Navy Pier. All the guests of the Lachesis are now interred at a camp run by USAMRIID and the CDC while the “experts” try to figure out what is going on. However, Adam hides Bai on the Coast Guard ship and she avoids the quarantine.

While tests and questions fly, the president and his advisors come together to discuss this new situation. General Mattis says that Colonel Grinder has made it clear that these survivors have strange, impossible powers and has the video to prove it! While Pence and Bannon vote to deal harshly with this “threat,” Trump is fascinated by super heroes and insists they be treated well, perhaps asked to work for the United States.

In the camp, Major Tarkannen is having his soldiers mistreat some of the guests. An FBI agent investigating the disaster and Damien Xerxes, Mercedes Lackey, tries to stop some of the abuses. The characters appreciate this and give her some information about the strange visions they had on the Lachesis and what they know of Xerxes. That night Norman is kidnapped by a man calling himself Agent Skiles, working for “The Trust.” He interrogates Norman before leaving him bruised and bloodied back in the sleeping areas. No one knows who this mysterious man is, or what organization he belongs to if any.

Many of the guests talk with the characters and share their worries and hopes. Suji has gained an obvious talent with electronics, and is building working robots out of simple spare parts. Ai continues to develop her fire powers. Joshua Jones has terrible headaches that often give him information about what others are thinking. Caz especially tries to hold everyone together and develop a sense of camaraderie amongst these “Talents.”

Then as Mercedes comes to speak to them again, there is a sound of gunfire from on deck. They rush topside and find many frozen and impaled doctors and soldiers, ambushed before they could draw. On the shore is a localized vortex of snow and ice, and more soldiers trying desperately to stop whatever – or whoever – is inside. The characters watch for a moment, trying to decide what they will do…



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