Heroes of a New World

Episode 2

Novus Ordo Seculum

The players leap into action, saving whoever they can while the military fires away at Jean Mougey, the ice talent on the shore. They finally put her out of commission. In the confusion, Adam Cleese runs off down the shoreline, and Norman Baits grabs the injured Jean and rushes her off to seek help. The others are thanked by the soldiers for their help, and Major Vazquez in particular is grateful. Bogdan (formerly Chris Everyman) even pulled a helicopter out of the sky with his telekinesis to save it, placing it on the tanker deck. Vazquez covers for this, saying the press didn’t intend to get closer to the ship when the Colonel asks.

Colonel Grinder gives them the news – the camp is being dismantled and soon the characters will be allowed to go home. Their presence has been requested by the president to give a speech that will introduce these new ‘talents’ to the world. The remaining characters agree. Meanwhile, Adam has found where Bai was taken on the coast guard cutter, and Norman takes Jean to a hospital. They meet with each other through serendipity and go to see if Bai is ok. It seems the young lady’s positive attitude won over the captain of the ship, and they chose not to take her back to quarantine when they had the chance. They contact Bai’s parents who are happy beyond measure, then return to the quarantine.

With the quarantine over, the characters are hustled into a car, driven to the airport, and put on a plane, all the while coached on how to behave for this momentous speech. Donald Trump gives a rousing address, and then the press takes questions with the characters. Afterwards, Bogdan agrees to work for the government, while the others go their separate ways for now. Bogdan begins to learn some of the early plans for talents, while Cazimir gets dummy jobs for Maggie and Norman in Orlando. Adam decides to start a career in being a good looking super power, and gets an agent Johnny Lennox to help show him the ropes. Soon he is on every TV in the nation.

A couple of weeks pass and Bogdan does some more digging into the plans of Cara Saudill and Farhad Fatakia, the super-scientists who have agreed to assist the government. He notes that one of the talents on the list of people on the Lachesis is never counted correctly – Consuelo Menses. There seems to be a mental fog that prevents people from knowing her! He files this away while getting an invitation from Donald to attend a Gala he will be hosting about a Talent Tax he plans to create.

The other players also receive this message and are requested as special guests of the administration. With nothing else to do, they decide to attend. It is a nice night to start, with US congressmen and women, tons of press, and russian officials and a few celebrities attending at the Old Post Office in Washington DC. However things sour when Agent Skiles shows up posing as someone else. He tells Norman that he was interrogated as a test, because Norman is such a great patriot. And right this moment someone from the Trump administration plans to hand off some of the Life Boat tech to the Russians! The Life Boat has apparently also returned with many strange properties, and if the Russians get any it could be a disaster.

Concurrently, Maggie notices a man serving drinks grab Senator Burr’s hand. They both go strangely rigid and then the server runs off while Burr heads upstairs towards the level of the dignitaries. Maggie warns the others of this odd behavior, and they decide to investigate, but apparently someone has drugged Maggie and Bogdan’s drinks! They pass out and Adam picks them up to look for help from security

Adam takes them outside where things are very quiet. Two guards tell Adam to go back inside, help will arrive sometime. He is annoyed at their lack of help and puts the two down, then goes back out to have a talk to them, but one of the guards leads the other down the street where the second guard is dragged into an alley by unknown assailants!

Senator Burr then goes to Stephen Bannon and touches him, causing the same strange reaction. Senator Burr becomes dazed, while Bannon heads upstairs towards the president! Before he can, Cazimir interposes himself and demands answers. Then Norman spirits the strange Bannon off into a side hall where he and Caz can interrogate. The person who has transferred into Bannon admits that some people kidnapped his family and said if he didn’t possess the president and say how bad talents are they would be killed. He didn’t want to do it! But the bad men will be coming soon.

They tie the possessed Bannon up, when suddenly soldiers start pouring through the skylights and the downstairs doors! Adam Cleese tries his best to hold them off but he is cornered with April Lane near the bar, while the other hostages are rounded up and forced into the center of the room. Upstairs, the leader of the soldiers consolidates Trump, Pence, and a number of Russians and demands that the President use the FOX News cameras to announce to the world the evils of talents. Cazimir and Norman jump to the rescue, and take many of them down, but the leader who looks like an angry Rob Gronkowski has a detonator and says he will blow up the building if they aren’t allowed to leave. Downstairs, April says she will be ok and leaps behind the bar while Adam jumps to the rescue. He beats down most of the soldiers, but one throws a live grenade into the hostages! Adam leaps on the grenade and absorbs it with his incredible toughness, only hurt a bit.

The characters are once again thanked and praised by the media for their bravery, and by Donald Trump. Cazimir tries to follow where the SUV that the possession talents was held in has gone, but it leads to a dead end where it was burned on a farm in rural Virginia. The FBI continues the investigation.



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