Heroes of a New World

Episode 4

The Unstoppable Freddy Koss


The players take a tour of Damien Xerxes’ headquarters and begin to get an idea of the man and his mission. It seems that Damien found the technology for the Lachesis buried beneath Lake Baikal. He shows them the “prototype” Atropos Engine he created that contains the Atropos material inside a energy absorbent metal cage. All technologies that shouldn’t exist. However, the real secret is the Atropos material itself, and it’s “purple energy” that defies physics, coming from some elsewhere.

Damien shows them other parts of the facility as well, such as the nano-fabricators and the mission control section. But he has one more surprise up his sleeve. He takes them to a hidden room off the beaten path, the walls perfectly smooth and covered in a honeycombed white material that gives off an ambient light. He tells the characters that this is a room totally cut off from any tracing or surveillance and he can speak frankly. He achieves this incredible feat with the help of a true AI that he pieced back together a few years ago. The crazy just doesn’t stop!

Damien lets the characters know that someone in the company seems to be subtly manipulating things from behind the scenes. Whatever they are doing, he can see the effects and “feel” rather than enumerate the many ways in which the company has shifted towards certain outcomes. At that time the AI chimes in that Alicia Evans is looking for him urgently. With a meaningful raise of his eyebrows, he dismisses himself.

They take some more time to explore the facility and find the ONE ROOM they aren’t permitted to enter. Before they get a chance to do some breaking and entering, they are invited to the mission control section to observe the recovery efforts back at the Lachesis. A pod was recently launched to investigate what parts of the Lachesis might be salvageable. As they watch the pod on screen, they are stunned to see what looks to be a human moving about in the decompressed portions of the station. Worrying about entering in light of this revelation, they ask Damien to order the pod to check out the derelict Clotho while they consider what to do. The Clotho has some surprises of its own. The duplicate man from their time on the resort is dead in the cockpit of the Clotho, apparently burned by a jolt of plasma.

The crew of the pod and Damien decide that if someone is alive on board the Lachesis they have to investigate. They board the station and find Freddy Koss! He is alive but once onboard he takes some time to get breathing air again. As the pod reenters he gets his wits about him and hears Norman’s voice on the radio. That’s the bastard that left me up there! He roars. I can feel some more of that sweet purple stuff somewhere out there, I’m gonna get it and kill you, you piece of shit!

He jumps out of the solid wall of the pod, killing the pilots as it erupts in atmospheric reentry. Freddy is none the worse for wear landing in the desert of Nevada. The players are stunned and have to decide what to do – Freddy looks to somehow be heading this way, and while he is no speedster like Norman he will arrive in only a few hours. They decide they can’t hide the Atropos forever, they must confront him.

They rush out to Nevada, and intercept Freddy just outside Reno. They banter a bit, but Freddy won’t be deterred and he is as racist and annoying as ever! Adam gets decked and flies almost half a mile, dazing him and almost taking him out of the fight. Cazimir as the robot Anubis blasts away and Norman punches and tries to trip or distract, but nothing even phases the strength and energy shield of the giant. A stray shot from Cazimir even destroys the Reno sign!

However, Cazimir has a trick up his sleeve and uses his one neutralizer grenade, temporarily lowering the beasts energy field. He is (slightly) vulnerable, and Adam busts out the punch of his life, staggering Freddy while Caz lays down a withering hail of fire and Norman attacks faster than the eye can see. Together they temporarily knock out Freddy and Cazimir flies him into low earth orbit, leaving him there for the time being.

The threat averted they return to Damien, who offers them a “team up” of sorts. He will provide them with funding and a base of operations, and they will handle incidents like this. However the group refuses. They don’t want to be beholden to anyone, and secretly aren’t too sure about Damien’s motives. The Life Boat finally arrives and they begin to look it over. More and more incredible objects are discovered all the time, such as a blow torch that can cut easily through any substance.

They finally decide it is time to leave and receive an alarming package of information. A hacker has sent them information about the Xerxes competition that put them on the station. It seems that someone had them as entrants before they even entered the contest, meaning someone wanted them to go up to the station.

So the episode ended.



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