Baisakhi Sagina

A curious ten year old, who wants to be a vet.


Bai’s innocence and precocious nature endeared her to the entire cast of Group B, she is curious, polite, and loves life. Her parents were relieved when the heroes took it upon themselves to ensure that not only was she safe but was having fun aboard her time on the Lachesis. Her talent manifested as a near godlike innate ability to heal sick and wounded people with a mere touch of her hands. She was invaluable to saving many stricken and wounded after the incident. She was quietly returned to her parents in India but it’s recently come to light that she is something incredibly special.

Bai went on a US tour with her powers while the country struggled with a number of talent related incidents. On December 4 she was shot and killed at Sacramento Childrens’ hospital by Greg Sumter. A massive and sometimes violent backlash immediately resulted. While a national day in her honor was declared in India, a number of riots took place in almost every major city. In the United States, crowds have gathered at justice department buildings demanding action, and a few talents have been arrested for attempted attacks on Sumter.

Baisakhi Sagina

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