Norman Baits

He just wants to spend his days helping people. Is that too much to ask.


We start our tale of a young man named Norman Baits. Growing up was tough for him, for he never knew his birth parents. Being raised by his grandparents and seeing all the other kids with their parents made him always wonder why he never knew his own. Martha and David Baits told Norman that his father died saving lives as a brave firefighter along with his mother dying giving birth to him. Being curious he did a little searching and found a news article about his parents and how they died in a drug house on a overdoes of meth. Learning the truth however didn’t deturb his ideal vision of his parents and what he wanted to become. This lead to him coming to the realization that he wanted to help people anyway he could, but first he need to learn how.

With Normans new purpose in life he spent most of his time studying to become a doctor to help people. He did make to time spend with his childhood friend James Spence, yet they eventually went separate ways, for Norman it was to collage to learn in the medical field, and for James it was to join the army and be all he could be. Finally after many years Norman graduated and James returned from overseas as his tour was finally over.

What happened next was a dark point for both of these young men. They needed money badly and fast. One to pay off a huge loan and the other for reasons all his own. Having a few friends in the army James got the idea to join the private military group know as Blackgate. Hearing that they pay really well and need experienced soldiers and medics they jumped at the chance. What they soon found out was that under the guise of a soldier for higher they were nothing more then highly paid murderers. Using the excuse of war to commit crimes they would likely never forget as it would haunt their dreams for as long as they lived. As soon as the opportunity came they left Blackgate and promised to themselves that even though they could never make up for the things they have done that they would focus on only ever helping anyone in anyway they could.

When the two men finally got back state side they joined the hospital near by and used their skills to save lives instead of taking them. One a amazing driver and the other a even better medic, yet they always felt that it would never be enough.

Norman Baits

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