Doctor Samantha Medows

This is too fascinating to pass up, what if we remove the safety protocals?


Dr. Samantha Medows was the chief doctor at the USAMRIID quarantine in Chicago. She has a number of ethics complaints against her, even prior to her stint at the quarantine, and feels it is important for the entire human race to study the talents of those who returned from the Lachesis.


Clearly enthralled by possibility of greater knowledge gleaned from her short time aboard the quarantine ship, Doctor Meadows was then found again to be involved with a secret Army installation in San Antonio that was the base for experimentation upon Talents. She and her team has trapped several potent talents against their will and was keeping them locked away in an underground facility. When Cazimir and Norman intervened she not only questioned their intervention as illegal but also had no qualms with keeping US citizens unlawfully detained.

Doctor Samantha Medows

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