Kristin Airey

Cazimir's girlfriend


All right, all right, all right.

Kristin Airey is a lawyer for a Orlando based legal aide that works with local shelters to connect homeless with their families and get them the help they need to get back on their feet. She was born in Yonkers, New York and attended Columbia law school.

Kristin and Cazimir met at a local dive bar during a charity event for the local SPLC chapter. Cazimir’s and his work friends happened to stumble in after a, “teambuilding night” where he decided to perform his famous drunken rendition of “The Final Countdown” which will be forever remembered in the halls of bad karaoke. Cazimir, full of liquid courage, and mistaking pity for attraction managed to impress Kristin with his ability to sloppily charm her into believing he wasn’t a buffoon. They quickly fell in love and moved in together adopting Max their lab-mix in the new Condo near to Cazimir’s workplace.

Upon Cazimirs abrupt return from his stay aboard the Lachesis Kristin and Cazimir’s relationship cooled quickly. Cazimir seemed different and not quite the person he once was. He was absent-minded, aloof and uncaring. Kristin trying to be understanding eventually confronted Cazimir. After a short and terse argument Kristin told Cazimir she was staying with her mother until she could figure things out. Cazimir has made several attempts to contact her with very little to show.

Cazimir recently attempted to repair the rift in their relationship with little actual success. Although they are still on speaking terms it will be sometime before they get back what they once had.

Kristin Airey

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