Major William Tarkanen

You people disgust me!


One of the officers stationed at the Chicago Quarantine. Major Tarkanen isn’t familiar with the term ‘excessive force.’ The Major’s gruff dismissal of laws pertaining to the arrest and detainment of civilians is all you need to know about this guy. He thinks he is above the law when it doesn’t suit him and that what this country needs is the right people in charge to make real effective change to protect it.

Major Tarkanen was recently implicated to be involved in the San Antonio black site detainment and experimentation facility. He is the direct commanding officer of Captain Lance and has worked directly with Doctor Meadows several times. He is also involved in a secret project, “Project Charlemagne” He may also be involved with a ultraconservative wing of the military that has ulterior motives.

“This guys gross violation of law disgusts and shocks me to the point where I can only express is as ‘evil’” – Cazimir


Major William Tarkanen

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