Terrance Crocker AKA Jupiter

Unemployed steel worker from rural Mechanicsburg.


Terrance Crocker lost everything to the corporate fat cats and those parasites in Washington. He watched as all the jobs dried up in Mechanicsburg, as the banks got bailed out, and welfare programs were gutted. When he got invited to the Lachesis, he thought it was some joke or a government plot, but the Xerxes people insisted, and he went up.

He got more than he could have imagined. With the power to create reality to suit his whims through what Cara Saudill and Farhad Fatakia have described as geometric energy field manipulation, huge areas of the world becomes like a holodeck for him. One that is all too real. He takes on the persona of “Jupiter” and brings justice for the “little man” while ruling a fiefdom of his own.

Adam Cleese first encoutered Terrance in the Sears Tower, where he has created a bizarre, bourgeoisie fantasyland where he is god at the top shooting lighting. Adam defeated him, but it seems he was almost immediately back to his old tricks, teaming up with the Sirens and retaking the Tower sometime soon after.


Terrance Crocker AKA Jupiter

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