Heroes of a New World

Episode 8
Fall of the Four?!

The heroes have retired to their personal corners of the world, focusing on loved ones, lives now lost, or individual accomplishments. However, in the shadows a new threat rises.

Maggie gets an email from her brother, from a past she no longer remembers. He wants to catch up with her at a pizza joint in Marion, Ohio. She agrees and begins the long teleporting journey over. Meanwhile, Cazimir spends some quality time with his girlfriend, trying to repair their relationship. She feels like he has changed – little does she understand how much – but the parts of the Mechalus that are still Cazimir feels a loyalty and pain that he cannot describe. Norman, meanwhile, gets a message from a friend that his grandparents haven’t been heard from in quite some time. He runs over to the house in Kansas to find them missing, and a search begins. Adam Cleese sits in his crime lair, waiting for the chance to save the day. The opportunity presents itself right away, with reports of an officer under fire on the South Side, and he runs their to check it out.

Maggie meets her brother, who shares with her pictures of their parents, and the research vessel she was onboard for Xerxes Group. After a long conversation, he invites her back to the family home to try to jog her memory. She agrees, and they walk over. They go down into the basement and she opens a chest of “mementos” in the middle of the room. However, as she does, her brother trips a technological trap on the wall that encases her in a multi-dimensional field, preventing her escape. The young man casts of his disguise to reveal himself as a human-sized mantis creature names Zaxxis, hunter of creatures with dimensional energy. He received a bounty from an unknown buyer who he calls and says the job is done. She tries to contact the other heroes, but to no avail. However, as he tries to harvest Maggie’s energy, she stretches her power and bursts into another world – a barren wasteland of crystal pylons. She isn’t in Kansas anymore…

But Norman is! And he can’t find his family no matter where he looks. Then he gets a message from an unknown source. They say they have a little scavenger hunt for him. If he follows it, then he will get his grandparents back safe and sound. They tell him various locations around the country to travel to, and he realizes he is starting to slow down and get tired. They have done something to his powers! As he follows the sadistic game, he receives Maggie’s message. Despite the warning from his harassers, he runs to Marion to try to help Maggie. He arrives at her family house too late. Both she and Zaxxis are gone!

Adam follows the police dispatch to an abandoned warehouse. A police officer is inside the dilapidated building, badly injured. But as he approaches, the illusion is revealed and the police officer is actual Jean Mougey! She blasts him with ice and he is wounded. She reveals that she has some help this time, as someone gave them the impetus to deal with him once and for all. Catherine Ferdi has illusion powers and uses them to confuse him while Jean blasts him, and a fight rages. Catherine is infuriated that Adam paid attention to all the women but her on the Lachesis! But suddenly, the batshit insane Elaine Shulte joins the fight too, and traps him in an extradimensional null space she can create, just as Maggie’s request for help reaches his communicator!

Cazimir is out with Kristin at the ferris wheel park, when he gets Maggie’s message for help. However, there is no time for that as the ferris wheel explodes and threatens to collapse under its weight as people scream and scramble for safety. He summons Anubis, but as soon as he does, a violet beam of energy lances out at his ship and damages it badly, sending it into the atmosphere. It was a trap. A dragonoid robot, clearly of Imperium make, lands. The pilot identifies herself as Silkana Drost Trkoshvrian and say that Earth is hers. She beats on the suitless Cazimir, who has the Anubis suit ram them both in one last desperate attempt to stop her.

Fade to Black!

Episode 9
Times of Later, Before

Season Two opens in the techno-future-cyber hellscape of fallen Boston. The world has descended into chaos and tribalism in the 204xs since the disappearance of the Four. The resistance, those who oppose High Theocrat Pence and the AI, Null, fight a seemingly endless war for survival. Seekers, bio-engineered and adaptive zerglings hunt them when they use powers, and everything is grimdark. The failed invasion of the earth by the Imperium and the years of AI dominance have left little recognizable.

Leon Idas, The Rain, Finley Rosenbaum, and Trent “The Ent” are officers in the rebellion, which is led by an elder Bai, The Knight aka Robert Feuerbach, and Pablo Perez. Intelligence reports indicate that Mike Pence will be “reinstalling” his mind control over the local Boston flock in two days time at Gillette Stadium with the help of his governor Tom Brady. They are to take some of the other resistance members (Amber “Kinetic” Proust, a few non-talent members) to stop them. To aid in this goal they are given a super-powerful data disc to play over the stadium sound system that will help disrupt the mind control.

They head through the shattered remains of Boston, and encounter savage remnants of civilization, though the world has been greatly depopulated by the nuclear fires of the Imperium warships, and the nanite swarm of Null that is a constant aurora reminder in the sky. They brave a derelict Imperium seeker robot and head underground to avoid a nanite storm. There they meet Kirana Sess’takotta, one of the many Xanti “Lizards” who were left stranded on Earth after the invasion. She hates Pence and Brady almost as much as the Resistance, and after a tense face off with Leon she agrees to lead them to Gillette.

They infiltrate Gillette, hidden in burlap robes. Finley heads up to the sound room with Amber, while the others wait for Pence to arrive at field level. Tom Brady announces Pence’s arrival, and he comes in with the mind control helmet to sit on his throne. Meanwhile, Finley seduces a supermutant guard to let her up to the sound room, which is run by Alan Jones, son of Alex Jones. Alan tries to sexually harass Finley by screaming about conspiracy theories, but she is having none of it and springs her trap, and they take him out with concentrated laser fire. They run to the sound room just in time and pop in the data disc which plays…

The National Anthem! The mind controlled people of the flock get teary eyed and remember what the United States used to be, and begin to throw off their mind shackles. Rain, Leon, and Ent spring into action and try to attack Pence, but the guards and Brady intervene. Brady goes mano-a-mano with Leon, accusing him of killing Bill Belichick, and tears off his sleeve to reveal a cyber throwing arm. Finley leaps out of the press box at Pence but he creates a forcefield. After a drawn out battle, Pence is grievously wounded and disappears in a pillar of white flame and Brady leaps into the flame as well, griefstricken. Just then, the sound of Seekers draws near, roiling over the side of the stadium, which means it is time to go!

They manage to escape but get a message from Resistance HQ. Null has been acting strangely recently, and there is some weird energy near one of his hardened bunkers. They want the team to check it out. They head over there and find a bizarre disturbance of localized energy. As they try to figure it out, a beautiful but wounded Imperium Xanti points a huge gun at them and says she needs their help before stunning them all with a blast from the gun and dragging them into the building and inside the disturbance. Inside, it is as if the decay of decades has never occurred. Everything is new, shiny, and well kept. They wake up and she introduces herself as Silkana, and that Null has gone back in time to do something to the past to ensure he wins. It probably has something to do with killing the Four!

She requests that they head into the time warp and try to stop Null. There is a debate as Leon, a veteran of the Imperium invasion, has words for Silkana. She says in the correct timeline, she might have been an awful person, but she found love and was pardoned. She gets to work, listening to “Worlds Apart,” her mates favorite noraebang song, whom she says died in the assault on this facility, though she won’t expound any further.

Suddenly, as she is preparing things, Null chimes in with his schizophrenic voices, telling them all it is futile to resist, but also offering his “help” in Happy Jack voice. Silkana says it is now or never as Null invades the computers from EveryTime at once!

They jump into the time rift and end up in Hong Kong. They meet Jin “Johnny” Woo, who works for the Beijing government trying to prevent violence from the Democracy Now group run by prominent talents in the Free City. They stop at a cafe and explain the situation to Johnny, who is incredulous, but then again he is a flying atomic bolt shooting man, and he agrees to give them some leeway as they investigate where Null might have gone. Their first clue is a number of prominent high-capacity wireless network shipments to the small town of Marion, Ohio…

Episode 10
Save the Four, Save the World

The characters travel to Marion, Ohio where they find the portal into which Maggie disappeared. With nothing to lose, Trent leaps into the unknown, followed – despite their severe misgivings – by the others. They find themselves in a stone tunnel, beautifully and intricately carved. The very rock around them gives off heat and the air is dry. As they walk down the tunnel, they investigate noises behind a heavy wood door and find bipedal birds with pike weapons on the other side! They manage to start a needless fight, and defeat them, when more birds appear down the hall, with human priests who seem able to summon fire from the very air. However, diplomacy wins out this time, and despite the lack of common language they proceed past. They come to a door that leads into the bottom of a canyon. On the far wall of the canyon is a four story tall stone door, with chanting emanating from the other side. They shove the door open.

Inside, Maggie is held suspended in air by an energy field above a dais. A number of priests are chanting around her, and most amazing of all a massive dragon sits atop a pile of gold behind all this. They spring into action, but the dragon gouts fire, killing all the priests, and singeing everyone badly. Trent grabs the dragon and pins it with his branch arms, while Finley pulls Maggie down from on high. Rain sprays bullets at the dragon, and Leon finishes it off with a sky dive spear attack to its head. When Maggie is released she insists they visit her old village to see if everyone is ok. She tells them this is her real world, just as she has always claimed. However, when they go to the village, it is destroyed – the dragon who kidnapped her left nothing behind. However, the alien creature that had been hunting Maggie is only a head on a pike in the dragon’s lair. With Maggie’s increased power from the ritual that had been occurring, she takes them all back to Reality One.

Back home the reinforced team joins back up with Jin and heads to Chicago. As they are approaching to look for Adam, they find a military cordon stopping them as the city is in lockdown with the Sirens controlling everything! As they debate with the army officers, something falls from space and crashes into downtown Chicago! They use the confusion to slam on the gas and head towards the disturbance. They find a strange escape pod and out of it comes a bipedal lizard with a huge sword. What’s worse, the Chicago Sirens have shown up as well. A three way brawl ensues, and a fourth force is thrown into the mix as the Suji-built military robots are deployed, then hacked by Null. The heroes manage to defeat everyone, and when Elaine Shulte is defeated, Adam pops out of her interdimensional space. Even more bizarre, the space lizard – Stardragon – splits into 5 intelligent Popple-like creatures that explain they are from the Concordat and here to look for Anubis. It seems that the Xanti Imperium is attacking the Concordat, and has its sights set on Earth! And finally, Null transmits himself to San Francisco, likely to take over the Applied Robotics fabrication facility there.

The players use the smart-ass Class 2 artificial intelligence, Calamity Toggle, in Star Dragon’s escape pod to locate Anubis and smash into his location in Orlando. It seems Silkana has trapped him in a sort of “luxury resort” that is lethal to most non-Xanti. It is an ironic form of torture they reserve for their enemies. However, someone had hacked her computers and turned the heat even higher than normal! They arrive just in time and bring Anubis/Cazimir down from his chained prison over the heating elements, and find his equipment. Cazimir tries to discuss calling the Concordat with Calamity Toggle, but the AI says they will be unlikely to listen to a dispatch from a lowly police officer when they are busy fighting on multiple fronts. They track Norman’s location in Alaska, make one last sub-orbital hop, and find him freezing to death in an old boom-town jail. With the whole team back together they take another jump to San Francisco to seek Null.

By the time they arrive things have already gone to hell. The military is getting punked by newly fabricated, high tech robots controlled by Null. They make their way into the center of the city with the help of some convenient valley-girls, and find a nightmare. The factory is enclosed by small constructor bots that create forcefields that repel any normal weapons. In addition, artillery robots are using magnetic cannons to blast away any military response. However, Trent, Adam, and Leon are having none of it. Trent uses himself as a slingshot and throws Adam and Leon right through the wall and into the inner factory, with the help of Leon’s magic spear! Meanwhile, Rain takes out a heavy bot with the help of Anubis, and Maggie uses her teleportation to get the enemy firing at itself. Norman speeds all over the city checking on civilians and discovers tiny spider robots, the size of a dime spreading out on the wind killing people and absorbing matter! He tries to kill as many as he can, then returns to the party to warn them of this development.

The fight continues, and inside the force shield Leon and Adam find a Xanti hunter-seeker facsimile that Null has created. It vaporizes the cover they hide behind and hammers them with heavy lasers, but they finally get the drop and Adam smashes it open! When he does, all the other robots fall to the ground disabled. Maggie teleports to Trump’s “talent jail” and gets Suji to consult with her, while the others begin cleanup.

When Suji arrives, she and Anubis using his suit realize the robots are still active! The orb pops out of the dumpster, smaller but more perfect in its design, and the constructor bots begin to whirl around it like massive tentacles born on a wind of magnetism. They begin to absorb matter and Null explains to the heroes that humanity has abdicated its responsibility as agents and arbiters of their own future. Why else create machines to do their thinking and work? It will keep humanity alive, but usher them into a new era where it is supreme!

The heroes try to think of a solution, but Null grows weary and sends a disintigrating wave of robots into them. Trent steps forward and absorbs the blast, but he is annihilated! Thinking fast, they contact the unknown AI on Finley’s phone and ask it to draw Null’s attention into a fixed location. The AI agrees but needs help. Maggie teleports and gets the Concordat AI, and Anubis links with his ship AI as well. Null is temporarily stunned. Working together, they use Norman’s powers to focus Jin’s, Anubis’, Finley’s, and Rain’s powers at Null. Maggie drags the whole burst through the negative dimension to give it further power, and Adam will smash it all at the same time, like a plutonium collapse. However, Suji warns this might be dangerous and could create a SUN on the surface of the earth! Worse, Adam fumbles his smash, and the shot goes awry, but Norman spots the error. Acting faster than he ever has, he redirects the blast by creating a vacuum around Null. It pulls all the energy into him as well, and while a huge blast of energy begins to form, he pulls it ever closer until he and Null are just a point of infinite light and energy that vanishes in a puff. He is gone, and the Concordat AI is in shambles. Everyone is sick with mild radiation poisoning from Jin’s powers. The day is won, but at what cost?

However, just then there is a shimmering, and Norman in a white uniform phases into being like a ghost. This Norman is odd, with a cross-shaped scar on his cheek. Has he changed somehow? There is no time to be anything but overjoyed as the military takes them to a decontamination site and they pass out from the rads.

At the decon site, they are visited by Damien and Alicia. He checks up on them, tries to get them to join his “team” again, but mostly says thank you. Then he invites them to karaoke later, when they feel up to it. They take him up on the offer and he leads off the night with a rendition of “Worlds Apart” by Journey…the same song Silkana played in the alternate future.

But all is not well as Anubis sees the news outside the singing room. Bai has been shot and killed by an assailant during her United States tour. Unthinkable tragedy seems to follow them no matter where they go, and so the episode ends.

Episode 11
The Heroes Return! Fight for the Future!

Boy have our heroes been up to a lot since the last update!

The culprit who killed Bai turned himself into custody uttering that he had only a fuzzy recollection of the incident but felt such guilt after having done it he had to turn himself in. The heroes quickly realized foul play was afoot but other more serious problems presented themselves.

The team having defeated Freddy in battle previously was called in by the government to protect the criminal during the arraignment from the wrath of the Freddy Koss who had sworn vendetta on Bai’s killer. While holding back the rioting mob outside of the building the heroes and police were attacked by several masked villains who looked to capitalize on the chaos created by the crowd to try and abduct the suspect while he was being held in the Sacramento federal building awaiting trial. Led by a mysterious woman who could teleport out of people, Ali “Arash” El-Shekeil, and another masked villain who exhibited extreme combat prowess by knocking out a dozen officers in a matter of seconds.

Our heroes, having been called up to protect the suspect against the mob, Freddy Koss’ vendetta and now a new group of villans met the challenge with courage, wits, and brawn. Having bought time for the suspects escape the villains retreated from the now smashed state building and surrounding area.

Having fought off the surprise appearance of several baddies with a nefarious plan the heroes returned home to lick their wounds and figure out what was next.

Six months later, having honed their skills and upgraded their arsenal things were quiet… too quiet.

Subtley, over the course of a few days radio communication and then digital was at first inconvenienced and then silenced utterly. Even Cazamir’s technological marvels couldn’t overcome the increasing unreliability to use communication equipment. Cazamir and Adam worked together in the respective environments to try and solve the problem. Cazimir received an unexpected call from Concordant Central warning him of an impending attack by the feared Xanti Imperium. Strangely, the Xanti knew that this was a neutral territory but violated the treaties saving earth from outside interference.

Cazamir was told they were sending a specialist to his position to ascertain the disposition of the Empire’s forces. After saying his goodbyes and making sure people were aware of the imminent invasion Cazimir, Stardragon, and Dovahn Bahn, a werren intelligence office within the Concordant flew as quickly as they could to the landing site of the invasion – Washington D.C.

Gathering their forces, the heroes were challenged by the general of the Imperial forces to one-on-one combat to decide the fate of the city. Adam, Cazamir and the rest (sans The Rain who elected to keep justice intact in his hometown of Chicago) faced down the general in her massive battlemech and a contingent of Alien Lizards referred to as “Beta’s” the group had previously fought.

The group was comprised of several of their former foes who stood for humanity and friends who could make it on time. Surprisingy Jean Mougey, Ali “Arash” El-Shekeil, and Freddy Koss showed up to take on the alien menace. The greatest among them was Jorge Valderama who swooped in at the last second to assist the heroes.

Shockingly the general deployed some kind of mind control ray which turned their greatest hero to their most dangerous foe. Freddy Koss, not being one to mince words immediately attacked the mind-controlled hero. Their punches like booming thunder were evenly matched, trading blow for blow as the rest of the heroes moved to subdue the foe.

Cazimir and Leonidas led the group of heroes in battle while The Masked Muscle took on the General’s battlesuit almost singlehandedly. Maggie and Norman using their superior mobility helped to control the fight and turn the tide when things looked bleak. With several of the heroes playing support roles and Maggie evacuating and downed comrades they slowly overcame the troop of lizards as Adam and Freddy battled solo against their foes.

Jorge’s insurmountable strength and endurance eventually overcame Freddy and knocked the huge brute into the next quadrant of the city. Leonidas, sensing an impending problem should he failed decided to pit his superior combat ability against the overwhelming might of the Venezuelan superman. The battle tore apart the D.C. mall in a matter of minutes, blowing away soldiers and their vehicles in the titanic struggle.

Although he managed to land many blows, his strongest attacks barely fazed the South American superhuman. His defense could only hold out so long until the massive disparity in power caught him. His defenses failing him Leonidas was knocked out cold and driven straight into the ground like a stake.

Meanwhile, Adam, summoning strength beyond 100% managed to finally penetrated the defenses of the giant robotic suit and started caving in the armor and lazer blasts and missiles took out his comrades one by one. Her latest victim was Cazimir taking a final and incredibly strong blow from her lazers was blown into the base of the Washington Monument The fight was a race to do as much damage as possible before the weapons could be trained on him – at extreme close range they were certain to kill him instantly.

Norman, now taking up the mantle as Maggie moved the injured to a safer place distracted the mighty hero as he attempted the stop the speedster in one punch. Meanwhile, Leonidas, hanging on to consciousness by a thread tried to reach the mind of the enthralled jorge with no success. As Norman’s fate was nearly sealed by a lucky strike Freddy Koss stormed back onto the scene and knocked Jorge out of the way saving Norman from certain death.

As Jorge and Freddy continued their fight Adam finally struck a deathblow to the superstructure of the mighty robotic battlesuit. jumping off out of harms way as the massive warmachine detonated. The remaining heroes, realizing the day had won celebrated their victory by picking up their fallen from the field.

They were then invited by a fuzzy transmission from Xerxes to return to Space 1 command to set up a plan to repel the rest of the invasion. Leonidas, Adam, and Cazimir were remarkably fully healed from their previous encounter by a mysterious technology within Xerxes personal jet which had picked them up.

Upon landing they were ushered into a uniquely set-up room that had many strange design decisions including reinforced doors and high ceilings. Although wary of any meeting with Xerxes and Alice, let down his guard upon seeing his friend Soo ji. As the meeting began the heroes asked how the captain of industry managed to break through the jamming. Xerxes, perplexed, answered that he thought the heroes had been the ones sending the signal. Suspicious glares were thrown across the room.

Accusations of betrayal were thrown around the table as an energy field was raised nullifying the powers of the heroes in the room. The tense quiet was suddenly broken by the blast doors sealing the group in and Alicia walking in greeting the group with the revelation no one (EXCEPT CAZIMIR, DAMNIT) saw coming.

Silkana, the wayward Xanti pretender-princess stood across from them all welcoming them to the next phase of her conquest of the planet. They were then all told they were welcome aboard her ship and she simply wouldn’t take no for an answer.



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