Heroes of a New World

Episode 11
The Heroes Return! Fight for the Future!

Boy have our heroes been up to a lot since the last update!

The culprit who killed Bai turned himself into custody uttering that he had only a fuzzy recollection of the incident but felt such guilt after having done it he had to turn himself in. The heroes quickly realized foul play was afoot but other more serious problems presented themselves.

The team having defeated Freddy in battle previously was called in by the government to protect the criminal during the arraignment from the wrath of the Freddy Koss who had sworn vendetta on Bai’s killer. While holding back the rioting mob outside of the building the heroes and police were attacked by several masked villains who looked to capitalize on the chaos created by the crowd to try and abduct the suspect while he was being held in the Sacramento federal building awaiting trial. Led by a mysterious woman who could teleport out of people, Ali “Arash” El-Shekeil, and another masked villain who exhibited extreme combat prowess by knocking out a dozen officers in a matter of seconds.

Our heroes, having been called up to protect the suspect against the mob, Freddy Koss’ vendetta and now a new group of villans met the challenge with courage, wits, and brawn. Having bought time for the suspects escape the villains retreated from the now smashed state building and surrounding area.

Having fought off the surprise appearance of several baddies with a nefarious plan the heroes returned home to lick their wounds and figure out what was next.

Six months later, having honed their skills and upgraded their arsenal things were quiet… too quiet.

Subtley, over the course of a few days radio communication and then digital was at first inconvenienced and then silenced utterly. Even Cazamir’s technological marvels couldn’t overcome the increasing unreliability to use communication equipment. Cazamir and Adam worked together in the respective environments to try and solve the problem. Cazimir received an unexpected call from Concordant Central warning him of an impending attack by the feared Xanti Imperium. Strangely, the Xanti knew that this was a neutral territory but violated the treaties saving earth from outside interference.

Cazamir was told they were sending a specialist to his position to ascertain the disposition of the Empire’s forces. After saying his goodbyes and making sure people were aware of the imminent invasion Cazimir, Stardragon, and Dovahn Bahn, a werren intelligence office within the Concordant flew as quickly as they could to the landing site of the invasion – Washington D.C.

Gathering their forces, the heroes were challenged by the general of the Imperial forces to one-on-one combat to decide the fate of the city. Adam, Cazamir and the rest (sans The Rain who elected to keep justice intact in his hometown of Chicago) faced down the general in her massive battlemech and a contingent of Alien Lizards referred to as “Beta’s” the group had previously fought.

The group was comprised of several of their former foes who stood for humanity and friends who could make it on time. Surprisingy Jean Mougey, Ali “Arash” El-Shekeil, and Freddy Koss showed up to take on the alien menace. The greatest among them was Jorge Valderama who swooped in at the last second to assist the heroes.

Shockingly the general deployed some kind of mind control ray which turned their greatest hero to their most dangerous foe. Freddy Koss, not being one to mince words immediately attacked the mind-controlled hero. Their punches like booming thunder were evenly matched, trading blow for blow as the rest of the heroes moved to subdue the foe.

Cazimir and Leonidas led the group of heroes in battle while The Masked Muscle took on the General’s battlesuit almost singlehandedly. Maggie and Norman using their superior mobility helped to control the fight and turn the tide when things looked bleak. With several of the heroes playing support roles and Maggie evacuating and downed comrades they slowly overcame the troop of lizards as Adam and Freddy battled solo against their foes.

Jorge’s insurmountable strength and endurance eventually overcame Freddy and knocked the huge brute into the next quadrant of the city. Leonidas, sensing an impending problem should he failed decided to pit his superior combat ability against the overwhelming might of the Venezuelan superman. The battle tore apart the D.C. mall in a matter of minutes, blowing away soldiers and their vehicles in the titanic struggle.

Although he managed to land many blows, his strongest attacks barely fazed the South American superhuman. His defense could only hold out so long until the massive disparity in power caught him. His defenses failing him Leonidas was knocked out cold and driven straight into the ground like a stake.

Meanwhile, Adam, summoning strength beyond 100% managed to finally penetrated the defenses of the giant robotic suit and started caving in the armor and lazer blasts and missiles took out his comrades one by one. Her latest victim was Cazimir taking a final and incredibly strong blow from her lazers was blown into the base of the Washington Monument The fight was a race to do as much damage as possible before the weapons could be trained on him – at extreme close range they were certain to kill him instantly.

Norman, now taking up the mantle as Maggie moved the injured to a safer place distracted the mighty hero as he attempted the stop the speedster in one punch. Meanwhile, Leonidas, hanging on to consciousness by a thread tried to reach the mind of the enthralled jorge with no success. As Norman’s fate was nearly sealed by a lucky strike Freddy Koss stormed back onto the scene and knocked Jorge out of the way saving Norman from certain death.

As Jorge and Freddy continued their fight Adam finally struck a deathblow to the superstructure of the mighty robotic battlesuit. jumping off out of harms way as the massive warmachine detonated. The remaining heroes, realizing the day had won celebrated their victory by picking up their fallen from the field.

They were then invited by a fuzzy transmission from Xerxes to return to Space 1 command to set up a plan to repel the rest of the invasion. Leonidas, Adam, and Cazimir were remarkably fully healed from their previous encounter by a mysterious technology within Xerxes personal jet which had picked them up.

Upon landing they were ushered into a uniquely set-up room that had many strange design decisions including reinforced doors and high ceilings. Although wary of any meeting with Xerxes and Alice, let down his guard upon seeing his friend Soo ji. As the meeting began the heroes asked how the captain of industry managed to break through the jamming. Xerxes, perplexed, answered that he thought the heroes had been the ones sending the signal. Suspicious glares were thrown across the room.

Accusations of betrayal were thrown around the table as an energy field was raised nullifying the powers of the heroes in the room. The tense quiet was suddenly broken by the blast doors sealing the group in and Alicia walking in greeting the group with the revelation no one (EXCEPT CAZIMIR, DAMNIT) saw coming.

Silkana, the wayward Xanti pretender-princess stood across from them all welcoming them to the next phase of her conquest of the planet. They were then all told they were welcome aboard her ship and she simply wouldn’t take no for an answer.



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