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It’s only been a few days, but enough has occurred that Reddit is exploding with theories about the Lachesis. With what’s going on, it only makes sense to start a new sub.

Here’s what we know:

Xerxes MicroArchitecture Quietly Purchases SpaceX for Undisclosed Amount
February 4, 2009

Damien Xerxes, founder and owner of Xerxes MicroArchitecture, announced an agreement to purchase the SpaceX company today for an undisclosed sum. Talks were finalized between Mr. Xerxes and lawyers for Elon Musk after the SpaceX program had begun to show some promising returns.

“It was the right time to get out,” said Mr. Musk, who admitted a non-disclosure agreement was part of the sale. “I think Damien has the passion to see my baby through.” It comes as a stunning reversal for Mr. Musk, who was described as passionate about his plans for exploring – and commercializing – space. Mr. Xerxes was characteristically quiet, his representatives refusing any comment when we reached out. However, estimates put the value of SpaceX somewhere in the multi-billion dollar range, even without any consistent profit to date.

Xerxes MicroArchitecture has made incredible gains in the past five years, with a government contract on the books that has vastly increased Mr. Xerxes personal wealth. Estimates put the multi-year payout from the Defense Department at near two trillion over the next ten years.


Then, something strange:

XSpace Medium Lifting Vehicle Explodes on Pad; 3 Injured, 1 Missing
December 13, 2013
Associated Press

Tragedy struck XSpace workers late yesterday evening when a medium lifting vehicle taking parts up to the company’s space station exploded. Three engineers were wounded by the intense heat, and one is missing. Their names have not yet been released to the public.

“You can imagine this is a very sad time for all of us at XSpace,” Damien Xerxes said at a rare press conference. “We ask for privacy as we try to get to the bottom of this tragic accident.” Mr. Xerxes would not theorize on what might have happened. “It’s too early to say, it would be irresponsible.” However, sources in XSpace have hinted at industrial sabotage. Such revelations could put a big question mark around the company’s proposed timetables considering already strained relationship with the FAA, led by the Obama Administration.

“Aviation safety is of the utmost concern, and space based capabilities even more so,” Michael Huerta told the AP. “Mr. Xerxes was very quick to promise cooperation when he purchased XSpace, but keeping those promises seems to escape him sometimes.” Asked if senior officials in the administration would get involved, especially considering Mr. Xerxes close ties with the DoD, Mr. Huerta demurred. “We will just have to let it go through the process.”


A couple more important articles:


FAA, Obama Administration Request Further Information on XSpace Plans for “Luxury Orbital Hotel”
November 2014
Orlando Sentinel

While the construction above ground on the “Resort of the Future” has gone well for Mr. Xerxes and his XSpace company, here on the ground legal challenges continue to dog him. The FAA has filed documents that would allow inspectors and auditors to examine the civilian company more closely as they approach civilian use. They are asking that, should XSpace refuse, all flights be prohibited by federal court.

Lawyers for XSpace and Damien Xerxes have been dismissive. “This is government overreach, plain and simple,” Malcolm Stern, one of Mr. Xerxes lawyers said. “The Obama Administration is known for this sort of judicial fiat as we’ve seen with the FCC Net Neutrality and other decisions, but interfering in private enterprise, explicitly permitted by the Commercial Space Act is a new low.”

Legal experts are divided over whether the injunction will hold up, but XSpace says it still plans to stay the course, with an opening date for the hotel sometime in Spring of 2017.



Don’t Look Now: Damien Xerxes of XSpace and Xerxes MicroArchitecture Offers “Thousand” Chance to Go to Space!
January 1, 2016
TMZ Rich People News

OMG this is cray as it gets, but you totes might have a chance to go into space! I’m not talking about that mysterious jeans-space known as thigh gap (get thigh gap tips here!) I’m talking about OUTER space, that black stuff in the sky when the sun goes down. Of course, if you are Kyrie Irving you don’t want to fall for this XSpace sphere earth baloney LOL, but all you have to do is sign up on the XSpace website for a chance to be one of almost one-thousand people to spend a few nights on the luxury space station the LACHESIS! Have you seen the pictures?(linkembed). SOOOOO fetch! Anyway, what are you waiting for – go sign up, maybe you will meet a hot, rich guy like Damien Xerxes if you win! (read about how to get rich hot guys to like you no matter how shallow you are here!!!)


Then, we start seeing tweets and videos of escape pods falling out of the sky all over the midwest. Thread here.

Then not long after, way more strange stuff:

Video 1

Then Xerxes releases this statement:

Damien Xerxes Questioned on Lachesis Accident
May 14, 2017
Associated Press

Billionaire investor and owner of XSpace is being questioned in regards to the disaster that occurred on the company’s space station, the Lachesis. Sources close to the FBI investigation have indicated that there might be evidence of foul play. “We are looking at every possibility right now,” an official said on condition of anonymity. “However, the observations before the incident show some oddities. Experts are still analyzing.” Furthermore, officials have quietly acknowledged that the XSpace program might have been using some form of technology or material that is both highly advanced and has not been declared to the government. “Obviously, by not declaring a potentially dangerous substance to the regulators, XSpace might have committed a grave error. That error would be compounded by an intentional effort to mislead,” Attorney Chad Masters, who is heading an concurrent FAA investigation, told reporters.

P.S. I apologize if some Sources appear broken, some of the sites have been taken down, don’t know what that means.

And then the bombshell that started this whole thing:

Mystery at Chicago Navy Pier Deepens; Strange Videos Surface
May 14, 2017
Los Angeles Times

Two days ago when survivors of the Lachesis incident landed safely in Lake Michigan, a nation breathed a sigh of relief to have these people return unharmed. However, since that time a quarantine has been erected in a 1 kilometer region around Navy Pier in Chicago, and no press has been allowed nearby. The military has erected a no-fly zone and both USAMRIID and the CDC are on site. The Trump administration has refused to clarify what is going on, however leaks are beginning to surface of a medical or radiological disaster and some sort of “enhancing effect” it has had on the survivors.

Practically confirming that the video above (“Video 1” posted by Facebook user Trina Brown of Gary, Indiana) was not a hoax.

I encourage you all to feel free to start your own threads. Any information needs to be verified!!! (Remember what happened after Boston?)

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Hello Redditor's: Welcome to My Sub: /r/Lachesis

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