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Xerxes MicroArchitecture Quietly Purchases SpaceX for Undisclosed Amount
February 4, 2009

Damien Xerxes, founder and owner of Xerxes MicroArchitecture, announced an agreement to purchase the SpaceX company today for an undisclosed sum. Talks were finalized between Xerxes and lawyers for Elon Musk after the SpaceX program had begun to show some promising returns.

“It was the right time to get out,” said Mr. Musk, who admitted a non-disclosure agreement was part of the sale. “I think Damien has the passion to see my baby through.” It comes as a stunning reversal for Mr. Musk, who was described as passionate about his plans for exploring – and commercializing – space. Mr. Xerxes was characteristically quiet, his representatives refusing any comment when we reached out. However, estimates put the value of SpaceX somewhere in the multi-billion dollar range, even without any consistent profit to date.

Xerxes MicroArchitecture has made incredible gains in the past five years, with a government contract on the books that has vastly increased Mr. Xerxes personal wealth. Estimates put the multi-year payout from the Defense Department at near two trillion over the next ten years.

Flights of Fancy? The SSTO Dream at the Forefront of XSpace
August 22, 2011
Popular Mechanics

Fear of flying? You’ll want to avoid the Clotho, a single-stage-to-orbit space plane that just might be ready for action before the end of this year. What makes the Clotho so special? It’s not just the ‘fateful’ name that makes it so visionary. We talked to Jackson Dredd, head of R&D at XSpace to learn more! Cont. pg. 33

XSpace Medium Lifting Vehicle Explodes on Pad; 3 Injured, 1 Missing
December 13, 2013
Associated Press

Tragedy struck XSpace workers late yesterday evening when a medium lifting vehicle taking parts up to the company’s space station exploded. Three engineers were wounded by the intense heat, and one is missing. Their names have not yet been released to the public.

“You can imagine this is a very sad time for all of us at XSpace,” Damien Xerxes said at a rare press conference. “We ask for privacy as we try to get to the bottom of this tragic accident.” Mr. Xerxes would not theorize on what might have happened. “It’s too early to say, it would be irresponsible.” However, sources in XSpace have hinted at industrial sabotage. Such revelations could put a big question mark around the company’s proposed timetables considering already strained relationship with the FAA, led by the Obama Administration.

“Aviation safety is of the utmost concern, and space based capabilities even more so,” Michael Huerta told the AP. “Mr. Xerxes was very quick to promise cooperation when he purchased XSpace, but keeping those promises seems to escape him sometimes.” Asked if senior officials in the administration would get involved, especially considering Mr. Xerxes close ties with the DoD, Mr. Huerta demurred. “We will just have to let it go through the process.”

FAA, Obama Administration Request Further Information on XSpace Plans for “Luxury Orbital Hotel”
November 2014
Orlando Sentinel

While the construction above ground on the “Resort of the Future” has gone well for Mr. Xerxes and his XSpace company, here on the ground legal challenges continue to dog him. The FAA has filed documents that would allow inspectors and auditors to examine the civilian company more closely as they approach civilian use. They are asking that, should XSpace refuse, all flights be prohibited by federal court.

Lawyers for XSpace and Damien Xerxes have been dismissive. “This is government overreach, plain and simple,” Malcolm Stern, one of Mr. Xerxes lawyers said. “The Obama Administration is known for this sort of judicial fiat as we’ve seen with the FCC Net Neutrality and other decisions, but interfering in private enterprise, explicitly permitted by the Commercial Space Act is a new low.”

Legal experts are divided over whether the injunction will hold up, but XSpace says it still plans to stay the course, with an opening date for the hotel sometime in Spring of 2017.

Don’t Look Now: Damien Xerxes of XSpace and Xerxes MicroArchitecture Offers “Thousand” Chance to Go to Space!
January 1, 2016
TMZ Rich People News

OMG this is cray as it gets, but you totes might have a chance to go into space! I’m not talking about that mysterious jeans-space known as thigh gap (get thigh gap tips here!) I’m talking about OUTER space, that black stuff in the sky when the sun goes down. Of course, if you are Kyrie Irving you don’t want to fall for this XSpace sphere earth baloney LOL, but all you have to do is sign up on the XSpace website for a chance to be one of almost one-thousand people to spend a few nights on the luxury space station the LACHESIS! Have you seen the pictures?(linkembed). SOOOOO fetch! Anyway, what are you waiting for – go sign up, maybe you will meet a hot, rich guy like Damien Xerxes if you win! (read about how to get rich hot guys to like you no matter how shallow you are here!!!)

Deportations Continue Under Trump Administration, Detainments Up
March 9, 2017
New York Times

While the new administration continues to obfuscate and distract media outlets with unfounded claims on the Russia investigation, President Trump has moved forward with his campaign promise to keep immigrants out and deport those already here. In particular, Muslim and Mexicans have been targeted by these programs, leading to a number of processing facilities where hundreds are detained while waiting for resolution. These facilities, ostensibly listed as administrative buildings, act more as prisons where inmates have no due process or right to lawyer.

After the defeat of state challenges to his Executive Order at the Federal level, President Trump has been emboldened in his methods. Mr. Bannon, his leading advisor, expressed his satisfaction with the changes in policy from the Obama Era. “The United States needs to worry about the United States first and foremost,” he said. “The health of the country depends upon a uniform vision of the future. Many of these people don’t share the same values necessary to make America great again.”

Damien Xerxes Questioned on Lachesis Accident
May 14, 2017
Associated Press

Billionaire investor and owner of XSpace is being questioned in regards to the disaster that occurred on the company’s space station, the Lachesis. Sources close to the FBI investigation have indicated that there might be evidence of foul play. “We are looking at every possibility right now,” an official said on condition of anonymity. “However, the observations before the incident show some oddities. Experts are still analyzing.” Furthermore, officials have quietly acknowledged that the XSpace program might have been using some form of technology or material that is both highly advanced and has not been declared to the government. “Obviously, by not declaring a potentially dangerous substance to the regulators, XSpace might have committed a grave error. That error would be compounded by an intentional effort to mislead,” Attorney Chad Masters, who is heading an concurrent FAA investigation, told reporters.

Mystery at Chicago Navy Pier Deepens; Strange Videos Surface
May 14, 2017
Los Angeles Times

Two days ago when survivors of the Lachesis incident landed safely in Lake Michigan, a nation breathed a sigh of relief to have these people return unharmed. However, since survivors were brought ashore near Navy Pier, a quarantine has been erected 1 kilometer around the area, and no press has been allowed nearby. The military has erected a no-fly zone and both USAMRIID and the CDC are on site. The Trump administration has refused to clarify what is going on, however leaks are beginning to surface of a medical or radiological disaster and some sort of “enhancing effect” it has had on the survivors.

Adding even more intrigue to the situation, phone video has surfaced from Singapore of a Lachesis escape pod being opened and a man inside disappearing in a burst of what appears to be electricity, then appearing elsewhere. However, experts have called the footage into question, saying it is likely doctored. Still, numerous similar leaks and videos continue to emerge, and day by day it becomes more clear that something strange is happening in Chicago.

Channel 6 News

*News Break with April Lane!
This is April Lane, and I am here just outside of the Xerxes Group headquarters. I happened to be in the area when I received a tip from one of my sources that a number of talents had engaged an incredibly powerful talent only recently brought back from the Lachesis Station. That’s right folks, I am still trying to get confirmation, but it seems that a previously unaccounted for talent was still alive and well on the Lachesis, and came back to the planet. While the reason for the conflict is unclear at this point, the usual suspects are not. I am told that the Anubis-like robot, Adam Cleese aka The masked Muscle, and the Iconic Norman Bates were pitted against the talent from beyond! The combat itself happened in the desert outside Reno, Nevada though the “trouble” started when the super-talent was brough back from Lachesis by a mission coordinated inside this very building – those very same talents are working directly with Damien Xerxes right now to investigate both the Lachesis and other mysteries of the talents that could change history as we know it.

Currently I am on the technology campus looking for further answers, and I will tell you everything I know as this story develops. Your leading source for Talent news, this is April Lane signing off!

Police Blotter Chicago Tribune

Late last night a combat between two talents was reported in downtown Chicago. A talent with the ability to project ice, previously wanted for her attack on US Military personnel named Jean Mougey was foiled in her robbery attempt on a Boston Blackies by Ai Yakamori, a fire talent. The battle was extended, and involved a running fight over Michigan Avenue and to the shore before Jean Mougey was able to create a tunnel of ice through the water through which Ai chose not to pursue. A number of buildings were damaged by both elements. One person reported severe frostbite and was taken to the nearby Northwestern University Hospital.

Editorial Section, Channel 6 News

Talents Continue to Go Missing, Silence is Deafening

Authorities throughout the country continue to ignore a clear mystery and danger to the citizenry of the United States – the disappearance of a number of talents from the Lachesis Incident. Mario Ramirez Yarto is the most recent victim, disappearing from San Antonio in what a friend is describing as an organized and professional abduction. This friend, speaking on condition of anonymity described the attack and kidnapping as brutal, efficient and quick, bringing into question exactly who is perpetrating this, and why these violations of rights are occurring. But make no mistake, these missing people are flesh and blood and their stories are real.

“I just want my son back,” said Mrs’ Ramirez Yarto, Mario’s mother, “He might be different now, but I still love him.”


Tonight, I’m Scot Pelley and you are watching CBS Evening News…

We end tonight on a warmer note. A story of sacrifice and generosity in the far away city of New Delhi.

Narrator [Dramatic Human-Story Voice]: Here, in the worst parts of New Delhi, finding any hope amidst the squalor and violence can seem an impossible task. Finding an angel amidst it all…well that just might be a miracle.

Mr. Sagina: My daughter just wants to give. She is always so happy and brings joy to everyone.

Narrator: Meet Bai Sagina, one of the talents of the Lachesis Incident, and just 10 years old, who was given the impossible ability to heal any and all ailments. And what did she want to do with this power? Make money? Become famous?

Bai: I thought I could help people who couldn’t afford it.

Narrator: Together with her family, devout sikhs, she travels all across New Delhi and India bringing succor to the most desperate and needy.



Talking Head: The bottom line is these people are dangerous and we have to do everything we can to bring them to heel. What happens when that woman shooting fire in Chicago misses and hits a child. Or worse yet, decides she doesn’t want to follow the rules of good, normal people?

Talking Head 2: I think people should at least have the right not to associate with these sorts of people in public or even in the corporate sphere. What if you were walking down the street and unknowingly touched one of these people? Could they get their talent on you or in you? We simply don’t know enough -


Kevin Seifert

The New York Jets have finalized the signing of “free agent” Jack ‘Lightning’ Holland, the first talent to be admitted into any of the major US sports. While he will have to wait until the fall to play again after an uninspired collegiate career at Northeastern University, Jets spokesman Larry Coltraine hailed the event at a press conference as a “tide-change moment for the National Football League.” However the tide may be going back out soon, as the players’ union and the owners association have both filed complaints seeking to prevent Holland from ever playing a game. “There are enough medical dangers to players without adding a person who can fly with the power of lightning,” said NFLPA representative Demaurice Smith. “We think this is mostly a publicity stunt, because the Jets suck.”

Commissioner Roger Goodell also commented. “This is like deflating balls times a million,” he said. “Imagine if Tom Brady had inflated balls with lightning bolts – that’s what this is like! We don’t have time to deal with the new rules that talents will force us to create when we already can barely keep deflated balls off our minds.” When asked if he thought at some point the league might be ready for talents in football, Goodell said, “I’ve got two words for you. Tom Brady Deflated Balls.”

The NBA and NHL have already moved to make certain obvious talents illegal in the modern game. However, baseball is still considering whether to allow them. Speaking on condition of anonymity, an MLB official told ESPN, “It can’t be worse than steroids, and our sport is boring as f***. So what could it hurt? Maybe someone under 60 will tune into a non-playoff game.”

Jorge Valderrama, Modern Superman?
Erika Jordan
New York Times

While the United States is just beginning to grapple with the massive changes of talents amidst society, Columbia might be a litmus test for the rest of the world. With a smaller population and landmass, just one talent has managed to turn the entire country upside down with a number of positive and negative side effects. Jorge Valderrama, the mayor of the small town of Cueco on the northern border, returned from the Lachesis with a set of powers comparable to the pop-culture favorite ’Superman." Able to fly, immune to seemingly any damage, and – fortunately so far for the people of Cueco and Columbia – a penchant for supporting normal people and the tenants of democracy and freedom.

However, his moralism has already brought him into conflict with both the government and corrupt drug lords that control much of the country. While they have been unable to harm Mr. Valderrama in any way, the collateral damage has been extreme, in some cases bordering on cataclysm. Despite this, Mr. Valderrama enjoys broad support from the populace after he stood up to military division that was known to cooperate with criminal enterprise. In only 2 months time since the Lachesis Incident, many are calling for a special election to elect the talent as the next president.

“The questions we must ask,” says Bernard Siemen, professor of political science at UCLA, “is not whether the Columbian people have the right to call for this special election. But if we as a people will hold onto the norms of behavior and norms of governance that have served us. How does our identity change when presented with incredible power? Unfortunately, history does not always offer us most rosy outlook, though at times humanity has shown great wisdom as well.”

Recent Graduate Murdered, Police Searching for Suspects
Originally in German, Garmisch Gazette

Erik Krauser was found shot just outside his home at 8:37 AM today, in what police say appears to be a premeditated attack. No witnesses were at the scene, and no leads have been found. Erik lived with his mother and father two kilometers south-east of the US military installation in the town. Police are requesting any leads or information.

Brandon Jennings and Business Partner Danny Z Plan IPO for The Exchange Enterprises
Business Insider

The recently exposed masterminds behind the wildly popular Exchange App available on all platforms have already moved forward with plans to sell part of the company to build capitol. They have hired Deutsche Bank and a Russian firm to help manage the stock, which will be priced tentatively at forty-seven dollars per share. Jennings and Z have yet to release financial documents or explain how the app monetizes users or transactions, and tech insiders and investors are already clamoring to know the secret to their success.

Malika Zaid Wins First Case for Talent Rights Group
Daniel Ackerman

Malika Zaid, founder of the AAIMM organization specializing in Immigrants and Minority rights, has added talents to their list of clients and won its first legal battle. A business owner in Moline, Iowa who asked not to be named for this article, was at risk of losing his leases on a number of buildings he used for his business. He contested that everything had been fine until it was revealed he had been on the Lachesis and had certain powers. After that the city made a concerted effort to see him gone.

Ms. Zaid took on the case pro-bono. “It was a good fit, and I happened to know the wronged party. While it is understandable that the focus has been on protecting people from dangerous talents, it is also imperative to realize that we must continue to protect talents from the people.”

The AAIMM offices have been doing steady business ever since. Though talents are few and far between, Ms. Zaid’s expertise is in lobbying and law drafting, and she continues to use grass roots methods, as well as educational sessions and fundraising for politicians, to make sure the talent voice is heard.

IPO Falls Apart as Claims Found to be Sham

The popular Exchange App is still looking for an owner – and a creator for that matter – after it was revealed by credit rating agencies that Brandon Jennings had not written the program, and in fact had no connection to it at all. It seems the opportunistic IT worker had started a story and it grew beyond his control. “Sometimes the biggest lies are the ones that fly under the radar,” said one industry insider.

See Also: Man Claims The Exchange Made Him Go Bankrupt, Stole His Tesla

Viktor Nigorni Dazzles at Show with Ability to Leap from Paintings; Touring in US Next Month

Gang Members Dieing, No Explanation Found
LA Times

Police in Compton are baffled at a string of deaths among high ranking gang members in the area. Tens of members of the Crips, Bloods, 18th Streets, Hells Angels, and Armenian Power have been mysteriously killed, often in grisly deaths that appear to involve blades. However, no witnesses have been found, nor any other forensic evidence except for a tarot card at every scene. “When these deaths started, a few of the major bosses declared their intention to get revenge,” said an officer on condition of anonymity. “The same night they all turned up dead. Every single one. It’s hard to believe but since then things have been pretty quiet in the neighborhood – this has got ‘em thinking twice.”

However, the chief of police emphasizes that whoever is responsible is a criminal and the force will do everything in their power to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Missing Cat

Have you seen my cat? It is white with stripes and it is very special. Please help me find my cat. It can get into anything and is hard to catch.

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