Heroes of a New World

Episode 5

Forget Me Not

The episode opened with the Life Boat finally arriving at the Xerxes complex. The staff and Damien himself were shaken by the death of the flight crew and excuse themselves to deal with the fallout. With April Lane and soon the rest of the press scrambling for an interview just outside the gates, Alicia Evans goes to handle PR. The characters are left to pick over more of the Life Boat to see what they can find. Anthony Carter, the head of Life Boat Research and Special Projects accompanies them, very excited to be able to participate in such earth shaking proceedings.

A few items prove to be incredibly interesting. A blow torch that is capable of cutting through almost any material with ease. A space suit that when donned causes the wearer to fall through the ground as if insubstatial (good thing Maggie tried this one on!) Norman decides to try some morphine from a medical kit that detects as having a large amount of Atropos energy. He passes out, and wakes up in someone else’s body in what appears to be the middle ages in the breach of some wall, smoke and provincial home scattered about. Little does he know that his mind has wound up at the Battle of Orleans under the flag of Joan of Arc!

The rest of the characters try to wake him through a variety of emergency measures, but the effect doesn’t last long and he regains consciousness. The rest of the heroes listen to his tale with a bit of annoyance at his recklessness, but are fascinated nonetheless.

Norman decides he will check into the ‘anonymous woman’ Consuelo Menses, and runs to her home in Las Cruces, New Mexico. She is at home with her grandson doing chores, and Norman inquires about how her powers work. How does she make people forget who she is and not bother her? She tells him it isn’t all good – her checks have stopped coming in mail for her pension, and so her grandson has had to borrow money. But she agrees to try projecting her power onto Norman to experiment with “secret identities.”

The first attempt makes her grandson completely forget him, so he asks her to try one more time, but make it so only certain people forget him. She gives it a whirl, but this time anyone who sees Norman is put off by how ‘unknown’ he is, seeming sneaky and inhuman. In the end he has her turn the power off for now, and asks her to keep practicing. He also offers his assistance with monetary issues or any problem she might have.

Norman goes back to the Xerxes compound when a double whammy hits the characters. First, Johnny Lennox, Adam Cleese’s agent calls him to tell him that Adam just got a Subpoena in the mail signed by the Senate Intelligence Committee and Tom Cotton. Adam remembers that he slept with Tom Cotton’s mistress, and so the Senator might be looking for payback. The hearing is ostensibly about finding answers to the talent situation, and the growing levels of talent vigilante-ism, but Cotton wants to catch him in a lie so he can ruin him.

They all attend the hearing with all but Adam in the gallery. Tom Cotton and others ask what he saw onboard the Lachesis, if Damien Xerxes has any dangerous technologies he hasn’t disclosed, and if Adam knows the identity of the Anubis robot (Cazimir). For the most part Adam answers relatively accurately, though he refuses to answer on Anubis, but Cotton promises to subpoena that information and hold Adam in contempt. After the hearing, Cotton tells him this isn’t the last of this issue!

Next the characters hold up their scheduled meeting with April Lane on her Channel 6 News show. They discuss crime and punishment in an era of talents, what responsibilities talents have to follow the law and have the law protect them as well. They also discuss talent jails and the talent tax. Most of the characters proclaim their desire to live by the laws and rules of normal people, and to abide by the same morals that they were raised with. April thanks them after the show.

Cazimir asks April if she has done any more news stories about the disappearing talents, and April tells him that a talent named Luis Mercado escaped his drug induced stupor at a facility somewhere in San Antonio. While he doesn’t remember anything, he has a teleporting power and is recovering in a hospital – they could check with him for any further leads.

As the prepare for a trip to San Antonio, they get one more surprise. It seems someone has mailed them all a package containing a revelation – the contest to go up to the Lachesis wasn’t rigged, but their names were on the list of entrants PRIOR to them entering. Someone has also included in depth research on each of them in the mailed packet.



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