Heroes of a New World

Episode 7

Beneath the Surface


The characters, desperate to get to the bottom of Project Charlemagne, travel to Washington DC to eavesdrop on the conversation between General Krieger and Senator Burr. Beneath the shadow of the Washington Monument they overhear bits and pieces of information. The deep state group they are a part of are indeed trying to weaponize a talent in the hopes of taking control of the government! However, their reasons for this are murky. They reference governmental infiltration by some “outside force” and how Project Charlemagne is a response to this existential threat. A guest star joins them at the recommendation of Agent Skiles – Anon, an ex-assassin who can turn invisible and has turned over a new leaf after the Lachesis event!

Unsatisfied by this amount of information, they decide to act and infiltrate Fort McNair itself. With the help of “Morph” the talent who could take over bodies from episode 3 they take over the General and Norman and an invisible Anon go with him into the base. They make their way to the building that contains “Project Charlemagne” and find a huge cargo elevator hidden inside the APC garage. “Morph” isn’t exactly the best actor in the world, but they convince the privates guarding the elevator to get lost and head down into the facility.

With the rest of the team waiting outside the base in case of trouble, they are quickly called into action. When Norman and the General get to the bottom and enter the base “airlock” their powers are negated by some technology in the walls! Anon becomes visible and the General calls for help! How can such a thing exist in such a short time frame? There is no time to wonder as soldiers with hyper-advanced “plasma” weapons surround them and drag them to holding cells.

Wasting no time, Maggie ports into the warehouse with Caz and Adam leaps the entire distance in a few bounds. With little regard for stealth, Adam smashes through the elevator door and they head into the underground base. Adam rips the vault door off its hinges and throws it through the “nullifier” room, nullifying it right back! The wide bunker hallways are mostly empty except for a few scared scientists peeking their heads out to see what the commotion is. They demand answers from the first group they find, and get a layout to the base. Soldiers begin to stream down the corridor, but Adam grabs a door and shoves them down the hall, holding them off while the others rescue Norman and Anon.

Norman and Anon had their own ideas of escape, and jump the guards who aren’t expecting resistance. Norman gets shot, while Anon gets in a man on man fight with McMasters and manages to take him out.

The group, minus the holding-action Adam meet up and head to command and control. They demand the surrender of the officers their, but General Krieger says NEVER SURRENDER and starts shooting. They disable him and continue on to the last part of the base – the research and containment wing.

Inside are computers, labs doing gene-sequencing and tissue growths. In the very center of the room is a cold-storage tube that contains a massive, reptilian alien! Hating to see anyone in captivity Maggie releases the creature and it begins to awaken! Adam has retreated back to this room as well, and the soldiers are approaching. It is time to leave. Anon and Maggie teleport the team out, and then Maggie reaches to teleport the alien. Just as the teleport goes off, it swings and smashes her in the face, the punch sending her through the roof of the APC garage!

The team tries to “gently” fight the alien, but after a quick combat it expires. It appears that it had previous injuries and was only being kept alive by its hibernation. With nothing left to do, they make their way out of the base and escape.

In Chicago, Adam confronts a bizarre threat. Someone has put an impenetrable orange energy field around the Sears Tower and he rushes to the scene. When he approaches, Lt. Samuels tells him that no one can get in, and many are still trapped inside! Adam touches the field and it lets him in with a “welcome” heard in his mind!

In Orlando, the rest of the team parses through the genetic data and computer data stolen from the army base. The research into the creature began almost six years ago, prompting many in the government to believe that an alien infiltration was beginning. Apparently it was the “civilian contractor” that brought this fact to their attention. The civilian also told them the alien would try to create “super men” to help it take over the planet and sow confusion – the talents! Who could know this before it even happened!?

Skiles arrives and they tell him this information. He is incredulous, some of his arrogant attitude gone (but not much). He tells them he sent them in to test if these people had anti-talent tech as reports indicated, but never dreamed an “alien” was involved. He points out that whoever this civilian contractor is they went right to the most paranoid and right wing of the military industrial complex. The sorts who would readily believe in infiltration and that they were the only ones who could save America. He tells them he is going to try and find this contractor, they had better be careful. But if they have any ideas, start looking into it. Taking a listening device from Norman’s ear he excuses himself.

Back in Chicago, Adam fights his way through a strange menagerie of puppeted people and living armor, with no real theme or sense. He arrives on the top floor and finds Terrance Crocker. Terrance has dubbed himself “Jupiter” with burgundy, overwrought robes and a grand gold scepter starts his monologue asking Adam to join him. They should have power after living so long in other peoples’ shadows. It was high time some “blue collar” sorts showed people what for. Adam expressed his disgust and simply walked away. Terrance told Adam about how he was fired and couldn’t afford money for his mother. Was that the sort of world he represented? Isn’t it about time they got some comeuppance? He thought Adam was a like soul, but now he sees he is just another silver spoon spoiled college brat. He lowers his staff and blasts Adam with lightning!

Adam, sick and tired of it all flying tackles Jupiter over the side of the tower. Terrance has forgotten a cardinal rule of villainy – never be a villain on top of something really tall unless you can fly!

They both smash into the ground, Adam bruised and Terrance knocked unconscious. For now, the world is safe from one more talent. But did Terrance have a point, even in his selfish ramblings? Something to consider!

Who is the civilian contractor? What are these aliens, and do they mean the world harm? Can the deep state’s power grab be stopped? And will talents continue to choose the path of power rather than the path of altruism? Find out in the next episode!



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