Heroes of a New World

Episode 9

Times of Later, Before

Season Two opens in the techno-future-cyber hellscape of fallen Boston. The world has descended into chaos and tribalism in the 204xs since the disappearance of the Four. The resistance, those who oppose High Theocrat Pence and the AI, Null, fight a seemingly endless war for survival. Seekers, bio-engineered and adaptive zerglings hunt them when they use powers, and everything is grimdark. The failed invasion of the earth by the Imperium and the years of AI dominance have left little recognizable.

Leon Idas, The Rain, Finley Rosenbaum, and Trent “The Ent” are officers in the rebellion, which is led by an elder Bai, The Knight aka Robert Feuerbach, and Pablo Perez. Intelligence reports indicate that Mike Pence will be “reinstalling” his mind control over the local Boston flock in two days time at Gillette Stadium with the help of his governor Tom Brady. They are to take some of the other resistance members (Amber “Kinetic” Proust, a few non-talent members) to stop them. To aid in this goal they are given a super-powerful data disc to play over the stadium sound system that will help disrupt the mind control.

They head through the shattered remains of Boston, and encounter savage remnants of civilization, though the world has been greatly depopulated by the nuclear fires of the Imperium warships, and the nanite swarm of Null that is a constant aurora reminder in the sky. They brave a derelict Imperium seeker robot and head underground to avoid a nanite storm. There they meet Kirana Sess’takotta, one of the many Xanti “Lizards” who were left stranded on Earth after the invasion. She hates Pence and Brady almost as much as the Resistance, and after a tense face off with Leon she agrees to lead them to Gillette.

They infiltrate Gillette, hidden in burlap robes. Finley heads up to the sound room with Amber, while the others wait for Pence to arrive at field level. Tom Brady announces Pence’s arrival, and he comes in with the mind control helmet to sit on his throne. Meanwhile, Finley seduces a supermutant guard to let her up to the sound room, which is run by Alan Jones, son of Alex Jones. Alan tries to sexually harass Finley by screaming about conspiracy theories, but she is having none of it and springs her trap, and they take him out with concentrated laser fire. They run to the sound room just in time and pop in the data disc which plays…

The National Anthem! The mind controlled people of the flock get teary eyed and remember what the United States used to be, and begin to throw off their mind shackles. Rain, Leon, and Ent spring into action and try to attack Pence, but the guards and Brady intervene. Brady goes mano-a-mano with Leon, accusing him of killing Bill Belichick, and tears off his sleeve to reveal a cyber throwing arm. Finley leaps out of the press box at Pence but he creates a forcefield. After a drawn out battle, Pence is grievously wounded and disappears in a pillar of white flame and Brady leaps into the flame as well, griefstricken. Just then, the sound of Seekers draws near, roiling over the side of the stadium, which means it is time to go!

They manage to escape but get a message from Resistance HQ. Null has been acting strangely recently, and there is some weird energy near one of his hardened bunkers. They want the team to check it out. They head over there and find a bizarre disturbance of localized energy. As they try to figure it out, a beautiful but wounded Imperium Xanti points a huge gun at them and says she needs their help before stunning them all with a blast from the gun and dragging them into the building and inside the disturbance. Inside, it is as if the decay of decades has never occurred. Everything is new, shiny, and well kept. They wake up and she introduces herself as Silkana, and that Null has gone back in time to do something to the past to ensure he wins. It probably has something to do with killing the Four!

She requests that they head into the time warp and try to stop Null. There is a debate as Leon, a veteran of the Imperium invasion, has words for Silkana. She says in the correct timeline, she might have been an awful person, but she found love and was pardoned. She gets to work, listening to “Worlds Apart,” her mates favorite noraebang song, whom she says died in the assault on this facility, though she won’t expound any further.

Suddenly, as she is preparing things, Null chimes in with his schizophrenic voices, telling them all it is futile to resist, but also offering his “help” in Happy Jack voice. Silkana says it is now or never as Null invades the computers from EveryTime at once!

They jump into the time rift and end up in Hong Kong. They meet Jin “Johnny” Woo, who works for the Beijing government trying to prevent violence from the Democracy Now group run by prominent talents in the Free City. They stop at a cafe and explain the situation to Johnny, who is incredulous, but then again he is a flying atomic bolt shooting man, and he agrees to give them some leeway as they investigate where Null might have gone. Their first clue is a number of prominent high-capacity wireless network shipments to the small town of Marion, Ohio…



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