Ali "Arash" El-Shekeil

2 kilometers, with a crosswind, in cover? Too easy!


Ali El-Shekeil is one of the “post talents” that have begun to appear after the Lachesis event. Initially showing only minor abilities. However, after returning to Iran at some point he became much more powerful, with the ability to use a bow and arrow to incredible effect, as well as what seems to be immortality. Taking on the name “Arash” after the legendary Persian archer, he has committed himself to the conflicts in the Middle East, fighting against ISIS, Assad, and US coalition forces depending on what he deems to be crimes against humanity. Officially he is seen as a terrorist by all sides, though the people on the ground see him as a hero.

US drone operators have confirmed Arash has been hit by at least two direct strikes, but he always shows up again within the week, more angry than before.


Ali "Arash" El-Shekeil

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