Cara Saudill, PhD

An academic with few qualms concerning unique methods of data gathering. Charismatic and conniving are two sides of the same coin, are they not?


Cara and her sisters, Mara and Tara, are the sole heirs to the astronomical Saudill fortune. They just need their eccentric parents to die first.

In the meantime, the triplets were pressed upon to put their vast intellects to good useā€”that is, all three need to hold jobs as a stipulation for continued access to their individual trust funds.

Cara, the middle triplet, has been running social science experiments of dubious ethics at Yonsei University until recently. Now, as her position in the Department of Psychology, as well as the keys to her sizable trust, hang in the balance, she has decided to (been forced to) take a leave of absence. So dismayed is she with academia’s universal shunning of her brilliance that she has decided to take her mandatory vacation off-planet altogether.

Cara Saudill, PhD

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