Catherine Ferdi

A calculus teacher at a prestigious prep school.


Catherine Ferdi was a mild-mannered Calculus teacher who won the chance of a lifetime to visit Lachesis. When she returned and the quarantine was over, she tried to return home, but strange visions and chaotic images began to frighten her and those she cared about. Soon, she was left without her job, friends, or hope. However, she learned that her powers were actually controllable and allowed her incredible freedom – to do whatever she wished. Able to create illusions that totally fooled anyone, there was almost nothing she couldn’t have. And so, overwhelmed with power, she turned to criminality.

However, another driving factor in her anger was Adam Cleese, who she felt had treated her like trash as he flirted with every woman but her. When Jean Mougey and an anonymous benefactor offered her the chance to stick it to the arrogant punk she jumped at the chance, and helped the Sirens hand him his only defeat.

The Resistance members from future two managed to defeat the Sirens, and Catherine was badly injured by a lamp post that was thrown and collided with her head. Current whereabouts unknown.


Catherine Ferdi

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