Jean Mougey


So hot… yet so cold…


Jean has been on the forefront of a small group of aggressive talents who abide by their own law rather than get along: she posses a rebellious streak a mile long and enjoys the use of her powers for her own gain. She is a known and wanted criminal responsible for several robberies as well as numerous assaults and potential murders. Her power to control cold and ice is impressive and is one of the stronger obvious manifestations of talent in the Lachesis’ surviving members.

Jean was then confronted by Adam Cleese who intervened in a nearby bank robbery only to find her and another talent had broken into the bank’s vault. After a short exchange of words and super-powers Adam saved the day and thwarted Jean’s plans.

Jean’s powers have continued to advance at an alarming rate, outpacing even “the Four.” She managed to stand toe to toe with the timeline two future Resistance heroes that came back to save Adam, though she was defeated by them in their showdown in Chicago. She retreated after the conflict and is waiting for the next chance to strike. Thanks to Jupiter, her hold on Chicago is not yet removed.

Jean Mougey

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