Silkana Drost Trkoshvrian 17th of 29

Firsthatch of Merit, Conqueror of Aleph 0064, and Appointed Ruler of the Dendrian Expanse


Silkana Drost Trkoshvrian was born to the first Imperial clutch of offspring destined to rule the Xanti Imperium. She is the most talented and intelligent of her bretheren, however due to an accident of fate she is 17th and thus not eligible to take the throne from her “mother.” At five cycles old she took over rulership of the Dendrian Expanse, and performed a number of illegal (even in the Imperium) experiments involving the mysterious Zrko element (Atropos). Intending to use this to further her ambitions and prove her rightful inheritance, she went into self-exile to conquer Aleph 0064 – Earth.



Silkana Drost Trkoshvrian 17th of 29

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